How to cater for your winter event

In winter, food definitely takes a turn to the warmer side, with crisp salads and cold hors d’ouevres much more suited to hotter days. Keeping food warm and comforting is a bit trickier than keeping it cold, but it is always 100% doable. Here are some lovely ideas for serving hot, delicious food at your next winter event.

1.    Enlist the help of food trucks
Food trucks are still very much a big trend in catering and they are sure to be a hit at your next event. Serving up freshly-made meals to your guests out of the side of a truck is a fabulous novelty but also means that your guests will be getting well-prepared, fresh food that is piping hot. Tacos are still trendy and with the spicy flavours and fillings, they are definitely a great fit for cold days. Just remember to heat up outdoor areas with large heaters (designed specifically for outside) to ensure your guests stay comfortable.

2.    Delicious and healthy too
When the weather is cold the last thing you want is a light salad. But you can still keep it healthy with things like soups and stews. Just as you would serve cups of coffee or hot chocolate, a little serving of hot soup (butternut, minestrone, and chicken noodle are all delicious ideas) with a side of warm, wholewheat rolls is sure to go down a treat.

3.    Comfort is key
In winter we all love comfort food. For event catering, you can maintain that comforting feel but with finger foods: think miniature pot pies, slider burgers and gourmet hot dogs. Serve tomato soup in a shot glass with a mini toasted cheese sandwich for dipping, or repurpose an old classic like Beef Wellington into a small bit-sized treat.

4.    Don’t forget to cater for vegans/vegetarians
As the number of people adopting a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle increases, there is definitely a call to include more options that cater to their needs. Delicious for vegans and meat-eaters alike, bruschetta and crostini topped with warm vegetables like roasted winter squash are sure to keep guests happy.


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